GSM A and abis Analyzer



The GSM A and abis Analyzer gives you a complete overview of the performance of your GSM network. It is the perfect tool for analysis of the Quality of Service, trouble shooting, reporting, traffic analysis as well as analysis of radio parameters.

Key Features

Based on a CDR file generated with Call Analyzer the GSM A and abis Analyzer builds a database where all subscribers and their activities can be traced. The database also includes information about where in the network calls, location updates or handovers etc. take place. This makes it possible to generate any statistic about the performance of the entire network, a specific parts the network. Or for single subscribers

From any graph or table it is possible to zoom into details of the activities behind the statistic or by a simple double click to get the complete call trace from A and abis interfaces for the call in question thus making GSM A and abis analyzer the perfect tool not only for analysing network performance but also for trouble shooting.

The GSM A and abis Analyzer can automatically generate a user-defined web based report including all graphs and tables selected by the user.

Radio Parameters

Based on the measurement reports from the abis interface the GSM A and abis Analyzer allows the user to analyse the performance of the radio coverage. Reports and graphs per cell, per TRX etc. can be generated by using the many different filter possibilities. The information about radio level and quality can be combined in several different ways in order to find and analyse any weakness of the radio network.

Analysis of TCH channels

In addition to verification of the general performance of the GSM network the GSM A and abis analyzer also allow detailed analysis of specific channel types or specific activities in the network. To analyse the utilisation and performance of TCH channels the GSM A and abis Analyzer include a wide range of features to provide statistic and details of all activities related to the usage of TCH channels.

Analysis include dropped calls, number of channels in use over time per cell or per TRX, success rate of channel activations, traffic per TCH etc. All graphs and tales can be sorted by call type, per cell, over time, per site etc.

Analysis of SDCCH channels

The analysis of SDCCH channels allow the user to verify the number of channels in use over time, which cells that have dropped SDCCH channels and for what type of activity as well as analysis of channel activations and success.

Handover analysis 

The in dept handover analysis gives you a complete overview of all handover activities in the network. It allows you to generate reports about handover performance and it can be used for detailed trouble-shooting to find out e.g. between what pair of cells handovers are failing and what type of handover failures there are in the network.

Other features

The GSM A and abis Analyzer can also generate statistics and reports based on data from the A interface alone for e.g. traffic analysis per PCM channel, analysis of assignment failures or clear requests etc.