Call Analyzer



Call Analyser is an easy to use analysis software package which automates problem isolation and optimisation of SS7 based signalling networks. The revolutionary software tracks the message sequences of all calls across all interfaces and displays the results for each flow. Using this method each call can be analysed to show where the transaction broke down or suffered a long delay.


Key Features

Analysis of message sequences instead of just counting cause values allows detailed information about the nature of incorrect signalling. In mobile networks this method will show when a call is dropped by showing when in the message sequence the clear request is received, e.g. before or after the traffic channel is assigned.

The duration of each phase of the call is shown in a histogram so you can instantly see how many of each transaction suffers from which length of delay. This presentation shows whether the majority of calls experience this bottleneck or just a few calls.

This unique feature allows timing measurements across the switch due to the complete call trace feature thus allowing to measure the time e.g. from an IAI on the ISUP interface to the paging command on the A interface, or the timing between a paging response on the A interface to the time when the traffic channel is assigned on the abis interface.

In case of call details for calls with a long delay is required a simple double-click takes you from the timing analysis directly to the call trace for the calls in question.

For simple overview of network performance a graphical presentation of the flow results are available for each type of transaction. This feature creates a graph that easily visualises what part of the network that causes the problems.